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Hello! My name’s Mary.

Change your thinking – Change your life!Mary Muirhead, Founder of Thrive Your Life

I’m a licenced Thrive Programme Consultant, having trained under the Thrive Programme founder, Rob Kelly. In addition to my Hertfordshire practices in Bushey, St Albans and Watford, I also offer Skype sessions to clients around the world.

I’m passionate about the Thrive Programme, and I have personal experience of its incredible life-changing effects.

My ...

In 2012 I was diagnosed with Post Viral Fatigue/ME and was signed off work for almost a year by my doctor. I was desperate to get my life back on track and that’s when I was first introduced to the Thrive Programme. I began to notice a change within weeks and not only did I return to full health on completing the programme, but for the first time ever, I truly began to Thrive in all aspects of my life.

In addition to being physically fit and well again, I’m now a happier, more confident and more resilient person, able to cope with life’s challenges. I’m no longer stressed or anxious and I can honestly say that I feel the best I’ve ever felt!

As a result of the passion and belief that I have for the Thrive Programme, I decided to become a Consultant and help others successfully achieve the positive, life changing benefits the programme brings.

Regardless of your age, where you happen to live, your background or your upbringing, you can chose how to live your life!Rob Kelly, Founder of The Thrive Programme

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It’s my goal to help people live the lives that they want to lead. In addition to my knowledge and expertise of the programme, I draw on insights from over 20 years of professional experience, including working in the health and fitness industry and with the military and blue chip multinationals.

Ask yourself, do you want to be more confident or manage your stress better? Maybe your objective is to overcome a phobia or finally quit smoking for good? Whatever your goals, I’ll work with you and provide support, motivation, and perspective every step of the way.
While helping you to successfully complete the programme, I’ll teach you real-life skills and provide the resources that will enable you to Thrive.

Thank you Mary so much for your help and support throughout my Thrive journey – you and the programme have changed my life and I am so grateful!SM, London

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I’m registered with the Association of Licenced Thrive Programme Consultants operating under their strict Code of Ethics and Conduct.

In addition, I have a warm, empathetic and good humoured approach and operate according to a set of personal values:

  • Be respectful and non-judgmental

  • Ensure confidentiality and discretion

  • Operate with personal and professional integrity

  • Commit to the highest standard of practice through continued professional development and evidence based practice

Find out how you can Thrive!

If you’d like to find out more about how I can help you, please CONTACT ME for a free, no obligation consultation that’s strictly confidential.

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